Continental Credit started with a grassroots approach to helping the 200,000,000 Americans with credit inaccuracies. We found that focusing on the details and offering comprehensive correction options to clients allowed us to break the automated credit repair mold and help us become known as a Personalized Company. We are known throughout the industry for successful removal or correction of erroneous and false information, consumer credit report and credit score consulting, as well as our commitment to personal interaction and zero automation.

Many other credit repair companies in our industry thrive on automation and electronic client correspondence. We believe credit to be unique to each and every client, thus our service department is here in person to answer your questions.


Many major credit repair companies rely on similar streamlined, automated processes, but automation comes at a cost. Automation prevents these companies from addressing the needs of individuals and providing each customer with optimal service and full benefits. To cut costs, some credit repair companies outsource their customer service to other countries, where representatives read stock responses from scripts that treat all customers the same way.

We think of credit as DNA; we all have it, but everyone expresses it uniquely. We believe that the most effective way to help clients correct their credit is through personalized support strategies. Our service model treats people as individuals, and we customize our program for every single client. The premium value proposition and the premium pricing position of Continental Credit is individualized, personalized service.

We have moved beyond standard credit repair companies, offering comprehensive credit consulting solutions tailored to an individual’s needs, not a corporate standard. At Continental Credit, we welcome all who need change, and we have the solution to many credit conundrums.

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Continental Credit started with a grassroots approach to helping the 80% of Americans with credit inaccuracies. We have found that focusing on details and offering comprehensive options to clients has allowed us to become best known for our creative and customized credit solutions. We are dedicated to providing consumers with personalized credit care to fit their individual situation.

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credit repair com
credit repair com


Our team of highly trained experts works on your behalf to correct negative and erroneous information that is hindering your credit scores. Whether you are looking to secure a home loan, an auto loan, or pristine credit, our staff will guide you every step of the way. We understand how to work with the credit bureaus and we have helped hundreds of thousands of Americans improve their credit score. Click the button below to request a FREE consultation.

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